Craftsmanship Memorials

Craftsmanship Memorials are our top of the line Flat Grass Memorials.  We start with a blank slate and design a memorial based on the personality and passion that make us all unique individuals.

Included in each Memorial:

  • 10 Hours of custom artwork and stone carving
  • Full color layout
  • Choice of any of our 16 granite colors.
  • Unlimited use of our emblems & elements.
  • Use of any previously drawn artwork.
  • One Tri-tone or Two-tone portrait.
  • Unlimited lettering (space permitting)

Additional artwork and stone carving time is billed per hour, but you would be surprised what can be done in 10 hours.

If you look at the quality of our design, the skill of our engraving, and the passion we put into our memorials, you will see that there is no better choice than our Craftsmanship Memorials to make your memorial meaningful and stand out for generations to come.

Take a look at our Craftsmanship Memorials Portfolio